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File this one under “songs I absolutely love”.  For those of you looking for a bit of something to get you wheels spinning this awesome morning.  This tune, “Move On Up”, is brought to you courtesy of Curtis Mayfield on his 1970 debut, Curtis.  This piece has probably gotta be up there in the top 5 most uplifting songs ever written.  Everything about it, from it’s minimal but awesome four chord progressions, to the subtle sense of urgency in the playing, to Curtis’s smooth vocal  delivery, and,most of all, to the incredibly beautiful lyrics make this song one of the most gorgeous pieces ever written.  Songs like these brighten the world around them and pull the people who listen to them out of bad funks with their compassionate wisdom.  Curtis Mayfield was a genius, and if you don’t own any of his records then I highly implore you to change that.

This one I’m sending out to everyone out there who’s having a rough go of it, listen to this song and visualize your success.

Just move on up / And keep on wishing / Remember your dreams / Are your only schemes / So keep on pushing / Take nothing less / Not even second best / And do not obey / You must have your say / You can pass the test.”

ArtistCurtis Mayfield
TitleMove On Up
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