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So Doc Shoe put up a really neat tune by The Ventures earlier and it got me thinking of a conversation I had with Sean Cole, from Toys That Kill, recently about bands that sort of unknowingly laid the ground work for punk.  Sean made a strong case for the Ventures being one of those bands and his primary example was this tune from their Live In Japan ‘65 record.  For those of you that don’t own the album, this is the song that the Ventures apparently opened their concert that night with and man oh man is this one of ever a burner.  Until Sean played this tune for me, I had absolutely no idea the Ventures could sound like this.  I almost wonder if they meant to play the song that aggressively or if one of the guys just started the song a little too fast.  Just listen to that drummer attack his kit while the rest of the fellas haul ass with those amazing guitar lines.  I’ve always loved the Ventures but this record gave me some new found respect for them.

ArtistThe Ventures
TitleThe Cruel Sea (The Cruel Surf)
AlbumLive In Japan '65
  1. docshoe said: All those old Ventures records are back in print these days because they’re one of those bands that are constantly being name-checked by contemporary Garage Rock bands. So yeah, I agree, they were HUGELY influential.
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