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A little over a week ago I put up a cool tune called, "The Cruel Sea (The Cruel Surf)", by The Ventures from their Live In Japan ‘65 record.  I posted it as an awesome example of a band that was kind of unknowingly laying the ground work for some of the more aggressive music that was to come around later on.  Here’s another amazing cut from that same live record, this time it’s an alternative arrangement of their hit “Walk Don’t Run”.  I actually own an original mono Dolton Records pressing of the Walk Don’t Run album and it’s just incredible to listen to and compare the two recordings and hear just how much the band had evolved in five years.  This arrangement is certainly more ballsy and shows the band landing hard on their hit’s during the B section of this tune.  Plus get a load of that drummer.  That dude is ripping through some really interesting and zippy grooves and fills.  For all of you looking for more proto-punk/garage, this is a highly underrated record that deserves your attention.

ArtistThe Ventures
TitleWalk Don't Run '64
AlbumLive In Japan '65
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