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I received some awesome news by way of last week.  Apparently RVIVR has a new record coming out soon and they’re already posting some videos of new tracks.  In celebration of that, here’s a tune of theirs that I have not been able to stop listening to over the last couple months.  This is “Resilient Bastard (a Shellshag cover)” originally from the band’s now out of print and hard to find Dirty Water EP but now easy to find on the band’s seven inch/EP compilation, The Joester Sessions.  If anybody here is familiar with the original then you know it sounds like a fuzzy piece of early 90’s alternative rock beauty.  I think the thing  I dig the most about RVIVR’s take on the tune is that the beginning keeps it inline with the grungey feel of the original (although RVIVR’s version sounds a bit more like Pinkerton era Weezer in the first verse). They then proceed to kick the song into high gear in the first chorus and later verses and make the tune more into a punk rock anthem.  Additionally, the energy they imbue it with makes me half expect to have the band magically blow through my speakers and suddenly appear playing in my room when I throw it on.  There should be no doubt in anybody’s minds that RVIVR are one of the most awesome contemporary punk rock bands out there.  I highly recommend checking them out when they roll through your town and picking up their records.

More information on RVIVR can be found on their official site.  Copies of The Joester Sessions can be picked up via Rumbletowne Records.

TitleResilient Bastard (by Shellshag)
AlbumThe Joester Sessions 08-11
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