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You know what bums me out about Coachella the most?  That most of the big acts have to sign non-compete contracts ensuring that they won’t play any smaller shows within a certain radius of the festival while they’re in town.  Which pretty much means, even though Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds will be coming to Southern California for both Coachella weekends this summer, I’m gonna have to go fry my ass off in the desert with the unwashed masses in order to see them.  As my parents told me when I was little, sometimes life just isn’t fair.  Anyways, seeing their name as a headliner on the bill of a festival that I refuse to attend reminded me of just how much I love this band, especially their masterpiece of an album, Let Love In.  If there was ever a record that defined the words “dark” and “moody”, this piece does it. The album’s genius production and haunting song writing make some of the songs pop and crackle like a camp fire while others seem to hang in the air like fog before dynamically roaring through you like the tune above.  This is the kind of record you throw on as you watch the sun sink down over the horizon and the night begins creeping in while you’re staying in some old decrepit house on the edge of the woods.   For those uninitiated into the wonderful world of Nick Cave, Let Love In is an awesome place to start.

ArtistNick Cave & The Bad Seeds
TitleDo You Love Me?
AlbumLet Love In
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