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I saw these fellas open up for White Lung over at the Echo the other night and really enjoyed their set.  I’ve seen Fullerton’s favorite sons, Audacity, play at least a couple times before but I think this was the first time where I saw them over a PA that actually sounded good and wasn’t broken and distorting their sound somehow.  At some point during the band’s set I realized that I had a copy of their most recent LP, Mellow Cruisers, at home that I had yet to listen to even once.  Why I hadn’t thrown this awesome piece of blue vinyl on my turntable until the other night when I picked it up almost a year ago, I couldn’t tell you.  The only thing that is certain, is that contained on this record is some of the most righteous garage rock blended with punk rock sounds that you’ll have the pleasure of listening to.  It’s hard to describe it but, Audacity’s songs never go the way that I expect them to and I love it.  The tunes on this record are bright, innovative, and challenge you a bit with out throwing you off.  Additionally, there are some really catchy pieces that make not dancing an impossibility.  These guys are one of the more interesting groups rocking and rolling around the greater Southern California area at the moment and I’m excited to see that their fan base seems to be growing with every show they play.  If you get a chance to see these guys I’d recommend taking the opportunity.

More information on Audacity can be found at the band’s Facebook.  Copies of Mellow Cruisers can be picked up via Recess Records.

TitlePunk Confusion
AlbumMellow Cruisers
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