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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Stranglers are sorely under appreciated for just how good of a band they’ve been over the years.  Rising to prominence during the first wave of UK punk in ‘77 but generally more stylistically diverse than many of their peers, the Stranglers never cease to put a smile on my face anytime their records spin on my turntable.  The band’s ability to very carefully walk the line between abrasive punk and danceable pop has been something to be in awe of since their inception.  “Bitching” is a prime example of just how amazing their balancing act was with one of the more venomous vocal deliveries in rock and roll blended with some amazing foot stomping rhythms and guitar riffs and melodic and textural synth lines.  Best of all, their first two albums, Rattus Norvegicus and No More Heroes, are absolutely filled to the brim with equally quality tunes.  Why people don’t talk about The Stranglers as often as they talk about The Damned or The Sex Pistols, I’ll never know.  The only thing I have to say is, if you’re sleeping on The Stranglers, it’s time to wake up.

More information on The Stranglers can be found at their official site.

ArtistThe Stranglers
AlbumNo More Heroes
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