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Recess Records recently re-issued The Bananas awesome debut LP Nautical Rock N Roll making it available on vinyl for the first time since 2004.  Though I never got to see The Bananas play, they are forever a part of my history in San Pedro.  You see, I was introduced to all of the fellas at the now defunct 4th Street punk rock house down in Pedro on account of the fact that friends of mine stumbled across a Bananas show taking place there one night.  The day after the party, I was being regaled by friends about how awesome the show was and how fantastic a band called The Bananas were.  It took very little time for me to go down and meet all these 4th Street folks and to this day we’re all still friends.  All because of a random Bananas house show.  Anyways, this is a hell of a record, great fun, exuberant, high energy punk rock and roll all the way.  Nautical Rock N Roll reminds me a bit of what Future Virgins’ Western Problems sounds like and it’s possible the Virgins picked up a bit of influence from these cats.  The record plays smoothly from start to finish and listening to it makes me wish I had been there to see them play 4th Street over a decade ago.  The Banana’s Nautical Rock N Roll has everything you want in a punk record; great riffs, awesome lyrics, contagious energy, and passion so thick it almost sweats off the vinyl as it spins.  Snag this one before it goes out of print again.

Copies of Nautical Rock N Roll can be picked up via Recess Records.

ArtistThe Bananas
TitleAmerican Eyes
AlbumNautical Rock N Roll
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